TESCUBAL Mafsalları

CHIAVETTE UNIFICATE Mafsallar ve Bağlantılar

Chiavette Unificate S.p.A. sells its products worldwide and is located in Italy close to Bologna. The Company started its activities over 70 years ago: since then Chiavette always tried to follow the requirements and the developments of this sector and offers products that made and continue to make the history of the Company. From the craft stage during the first years to the industrial production based on high technology, we manufacture mechanical components, which are necessary for the motion of different systems and machineries. The company focuses on continuous improvements, consolidated management and production systems, details accuracy, the central role of people, quick innovation, and service efficiency; these values enable us to reach the customer’s trust and transparency.

That’s why we are together in movement. We’re moving with you: we widened our range of products dedicated to our customers. Among our product range we have the Tescubal rod ends, DIN648, ball sockets, ball studs and spherical bearings (steel-bronze or steel-steel coupling), the Tesno rod ends and spherical bearings (steel-PTFE coupling), which are high resistance solutions, self lubricating and able to guarantee excellent performances even in case of heavy applications; the ball joints, axial joints and self aligning joints; the clevises and their accessories; the keys; the rod assemblies… Several solutions made of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. On the other hand special solutions and according to drawings can be easily supplied and managed, delivered directly to the customer’s production line.

We always want to give you the right products according to your requirements and a dinamic service, which enables you to save time and money.

All together, these are the strengths of Chiavette Unificate S.p.A.

In our catalogue you can find our complete range of products, which are manufactured according to our Quality System certified by TÜV. You can deepen these informations visiting our web site, so that we can better know each other and work together, since the people of Chiavette Unificate S.p.A. will surely move with you.